109th Annual Meeting of the
German Zoological Society (DZG)

14 – 17 September 2016 • Kiel/Germany

Conference Details

Organisational remarks

University of Kiel (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)
Zoological Institute (Zoologisches Institut)
Am Botanischen Garten 1-9
24118 Kiel/DE

14-17 September 2016

Prof. Thomas C. G. Bosch
Head of "Kiel Life Science" (KLS)
University of Kiel
Zoological Institute
Am Botanischen Garten 1-9
24118 Kiel/DE
Phone +49 431 880-4169
Fax +49 431 880-4747

Prof. Dr. Thomas C. G. Bosch
Dr. Dirk Brandis
Prof. Dr. Manuela Dittmar
Prof. Dr. Stanislav Gorb
Prof. Dr. Ute Hentschel Humeida
Prof. Dr. Matthias Leippe
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reusch
Prof. Dr. Thomas Roeder
Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schulenburg
Prof. Dr. Diethard Tautz

The official conference language is English.

The conference will be accompanied by a specialised industrial exhibition. Interested companies are requested to contact Conventus.

Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH
Wenke Schütte
Carl-Pulfrich-Straße 1
07745 Jena/DE
Phone +49 3641 31 16-366
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